September 17 – Four Seasons

Special FX & Pyrotechnic Ideas

Using the Four Seasons Lawn or the Waller Creek Boathouse outdoor patio space, we can put on an unforgettable close-proximity pyrotechnic display.  Close-proximity pyrotechnics are usually seen at large stadium events where you see pyrotechnics shooting from the outer perimeter of the stadium.  They are similar to traditional fireworks in that they fire hundreds of feet into the sky in a wide array of colors, but they are specifically designed to be safely used closer to audiences and therefore are completely debris free.

Close-proximity pyrotechnics also allow us to get more creative with the positioning of the pyrotechnics, to create a more immersive experience for the lucky guests.  Below are a few reference videos of what they look like… the first where we rapid-fired a lot of close-prox pyro for a race finish, and the second where we slowed it down a bit to make a prettier display for a wedding.

The other element I mentioned that I think would be fun and create an even bigger “build” for the display would be to strategically position sparkling fountains around and to the sides of the guests to fire one by one in a wavelike motion around them (from left to right or back to front depending on where they are).  Then just as the fountains simmer down and the guests are cheering about how cool they think that was… BOOM!  we begin to fire the really cool effects that shoot hundreds of feet into the sky.  =)

I’ve pasted some images of the sparkling fountains for reference below as well as a video to give you a better idea of what they look like…

Sparkling Fountains Abbey WeddingSparkling fountains for music video effectsSparkling Fountains for Wedding Departure-min



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