Fireworks & Other Event Services

One way to create a unique experience for your guests is to hire a professional pyrotechnics company to wow your guests with a once-in-a-lifetime show.  Our design team will create an original show with pyrotechnics and special effects designed to suit your venue and illuminate your vision.

Whether you require (or, let’s face it, just really want) a breathtaking fireworks show, a new twist on the typical corporate event, the ultimate movie-themed party, or special effects for that unforgettable picture-perfect wedding moment, Big Dog Pyro can make it happen—and then some.

We’ve got an impressive menu of pyrotechnics and special effects to suit your level of elegance… or thrill.  Check out a few of our more popular event services below.

Aerial Fireworks

Wedding Fireworks with Bride and Groom

Kick off the celebrations with a professional firework display after sunset.  Our shows include one of our Big Dog Pyro grand finales to knock everyone’s socks off and have guests talking about your event for years to come.

We can even coordinate with the photographer/videographer to often pull this off as a surprise for the guests.

(Brides and Grooms: Click HERE)


…and if you don’t already know about the many different types of effects available for your event in addition to aerial fireworks, then you don’t know what you’re missing.  So we’ll tell you!

Brace yourself for…

Close-Proximity Pyrotechnics

For Indoor or Outdoor use.  WPYRO - Gerbs for Paramore Music Videoant to amplify your event’s big moment?  We can line the stage, dance floor, or ballroom’s perimeter with indoor pyrotechnics set to fire at that special moment of your choosing.

These effects can enhance any outdoor show or indoor ceremony.  They are perfect for a high-impact effect in a tight event site where a traditional firework display may not be suitable.

Popular close-proximity pyrotechnics include: comets, mines, gerbs, (sparkling fountains), waterfalls, robotics, falling stars, and more.


Looking to dance under swirls of silver and gold confetti as it flutters down around you?  Or would you prefer to have rose petals in the color of your choosing fall from above?

Confetti can be done indoors or outdoors with lightweight tissues, metallic colors, bio-degradable tissue, and in small or larger pieces for easy confetti clean up.


Smoke, Fog & Haze FX
Smoke effects, atmospherics at circuit of the americas


No, your unique request for your concert, wedding, party, or corporate project (probably) isn’t too weird for us.

Whatever atmospheric effects, from dancing in the rain, to walking on clouds (low fog), or colored smoke effects, sock it to us. Let’s make it happen.



Looking for even bigger pyro effects?

The Big Dogs

Stage fire pyrotechnicsFor the biggest, baddest fire… the Big Dog, a large-scale flame effect, can be set up to strike in minutes and is versatile enough to fire on any stage or set.  Flames can be fired in columns up to 30ft high in quick succession fireballs or in various other configurations for the impact you’re aiming for. Flame units can provide short burst and long duration flames with almost no reset time.


5-Barrel DMX Rapid-Fire Flame Fans

Colored Flame Effects

One of our most unique pyrotechnic effects for both indoor or outdoor use is a quick and responsive machine gun-style flame shooter that creates up to 18ft tall colored flames, chasing one another in a fan-like motion from left to right and back again.  This effect is available in a spectrum of colors.  If firework noise is a concern, then this is the system for you: Low noise. No debris. All the drama.

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