Lesser-Known Viewing Spots for July 4th

Planning to watch the July 4th fireworks but dreading the huge crowds and traffic of Auditorium Shores? We’ve compiled a list of some more creative, lesser-known viewing spots for you to choose from to enjoy this year’s free City of Austin public fireworks display at Auditorium Shores…

Other Austin Parks

Try some of the other parks along Lady Bird Lake: Lamar Beach, Sand Beach Park (near Austin Music Hall), Deep Eddy Park, Shoal Beach, or Butler Shores.

There are so many other great Austin parks to choose from too. Visit AustinParks.org and try to pick a park as close to 78704 (the Auditorium Shores zip code) as you can.

Downtown Bars & Parking Garages

Some downtown bars and parking garages turn their rooftops into impromptu viewing spots for this special occasion. The downside is that they charge a fee for access; the upside is that if you’re planning to go out before or after the fireworks show, you’re already in the right spot! You can even avoid a lot of traffic and stress if you get downtown early enough. The best plan is to ask around beforehand, since this is an informal practice and changes every year. But in the past, the Austonian, 360 Condominiums, and the Chase Bank parking garage at 5th and Guadalupe have all offered rooftop admission.

Downtown Condos

If you happen to know someone who lives in a high-rise, try to get yourself an invitation! It goes without saying that these tall buildings offer breathtaking views.

Juniper Street

The area just east of I-35 near 11th street is a high spot and therefore a great view; parking will probably be difficult because of the small streets and proximity to downtown, but if you come by foot or bike, this is a great location.

Big Dog Pyro wishes you a happy, memorable and safe 4th of July!

Where will we be? Firing off our own shows of course! Unfortunately these ones are private, otherwise we promise we would have invited you. 😉

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