The Crew

Carolina Moody Bear  – President

Carolina founded Big Dog Pyro to close the gap between client expectations and delivery.  She started by bringing  together a talented group of her favorite overachievers to better meet the industry’s pyrotechnic and special effects demands. A hands-on project manager with a Master’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin and the unusual combination of carrying both CPA and explosive licenses, Carolina’s got just the right credentials to support and compliment her industry cred.

With her killer management skills and special brand of energetic professionalism, Carolina has spearheaded multiple large scale projects for clients worldwide including the Discovery Channel, A&E Network, The Ellen Degeneres Show, History Channel, Texas Monthly, SXSW, Budweiser, Dodge RAM, Ford, Formula 1, IndyCar, AMA Pro Racing, Facebook, Snapchat, Circuit of the Americas, and the Four Seasons, just to name a few.  😉

When she’s not helping people blow things up, Carolina likes to use her superpowers for good and deploys to emergency animal rescue situations across the country.  She enjoys the challenge of what many may consider impossible projects and partnering with smart, creative people to make it happen.

Joslyn Killey – Director of Operations

Joslyn Killey is the Director of Operations and show scripting extraordinaire here at Big Dog Pyro.  A natural born pyro, she had a love for fireworks at a very young age and would put on 4th of July displays for her family growing up.

Joslyn is involved in all areas of project management, concept development, design, and delivery.  Her credits include work on projects for SXSW, Formula 1, Lays, Circuit of the Americas, Scentsy, Texas Monthly, Snapchat, Facebook, IndyCar and many more.  Joslyn’s unique expertise is apparent in projects such as stage pyrotechnics for internationally-renowned DJ Kygo as well as Daddy Yankee, special effects for Dodge Ram and Ford commercials,  and many more.

Although she is a licensed pyrotechnician now, her background is in culinary and she graduated from Texas Culinary Academy with honors. While she was a chef, she won multiple awards and was even featured in Shape magazine for one of her recipes.  When she’s not leading the team or scripting her next dazzling show, she enjoys reading, playing video games, gardening, hiking, metal detecting, and cooking. She is also a huge geek and loves anything related to the Marvel universe, Japanese anime, science, space, cats, and Star Trek.

Mike Moody – Director of Engineering

Born and educated in the UK, Mike gained degrees in Engineering and Physics, and has brought his love of engineering to the team.  Since childhood Mike has been fascinated by engineering and this led him to a life in the Energy industry where he has worked in a number of roles revolving around the invention, design and development of high technology.

Mike has worked on oil rigs in South America and the North Sea, where he performed petrophysical evaluations and used high explosives.  Since arriving in Texas, and becoming a US citizen while holding on to his British accent, he has invented, designed and developed a number of very high technology systems and has 12 US Patents of his own.

When Mike isn’t blowing things up for Big Dog Pyro, he is riding and racing motorcycles or playing with his dogs.

More Bios To Come From The Rest of Our Talented Team Shortly!

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