The Crew

Carolina Moody Bear  – Owner

Carolina founded Big Dog Pyro to close the gap between client expectations and delivery.  She started by bringing  together a talented group of her favorite overachievers to better meet the industry’s pyrotechnic and special effects demands. A hands-on project manager with a Master’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin and the unusual combination of carrying both CPA and explosive licenses, Carolina’s got just the right credentials to support and compliment her industry cred.

With her killer management skills and special brand of energetic professionalism, Carolina has spearheaded multiple large scale projects for clients worldwide including the Discovery Channel, Alamo Drafthouse, History Channel, Texas Monthly, SXSW, Captain Morgan, the Slow-Mo Guys, Four Seasons, Hilton, and Samsung, just to name a few.

When she’s not helping people blow things up, Carolina likes to use her superpowers for good and deploys to emergency animal rescue situations across the country.  She enjoys the challenge of what many may consider impossible projects and partnering with smart, creative people to make it happen.

Adam Jorgenson – Director of Operations

Adam Jorgenson is a graduate from Texas State University and a military veteran with advanced training in air assault, fast rope, mountaineering, and demolition.  He is a licensed pyrotechnician with over 8 years of experience in project management, wiring, fabrication, installation, graphic arts, and course instruction.

Adam is involved in all areas of project management, concept development, design, and delivery.  His credits include work on projects for SXSW, TrapFest, Evel Knievel Festival Stunt Show, and Danger Gods! Alamo Drafthouse Stunt Show. Adam’s unique expertise is apparent in projects such as Manglehorn with David Gordon Green and Al Pacino, the Texas Monthly cover shoot with Robert
Rodriguez, Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy, Shipping Wars, Metro PCS commercials, and many more.

Off work, you can find Adam playing music, painting, designing and building equipment. Adam enjoys the visionary side of business and life.  He believes the most rewarding projects are the ones that lack an obvious or predictable way of execution, those that afford a challenge and creative opportunity unprecedented by Big Dog Pyro or the industry.


Camille Palmour – Pyrotechnics & Special Effects Operator

Camille brings to Big Dog Pyro over 5 years of pyrotechnic concept development and fabrication experience in the entertainment industry. From set pieces, props, and prosthetics to roof and floor installations, electrical wiring, outdoor plumbing, and functional prototypes, Camille’s diverse building experience is key in turning concepts into reality—a big, dazzling, and unforgettable one.

Camille Mechanical EffectsAn engineer by education, pyrotechnician by trade, and stuntwoman by avocation, Camille has worked with a variety of entertainment vendors including the Renaissance Festival, Fantastic Fest, Queen Mary Haunted House, America’s Got Talent, Amish Mafia, and numerous film & TV productions before joining the Big Dog Pyro team.  Camille was even featured on Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls for being the badass pyro and stuntwoman that she is.

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